Monday, September 18, 2006

Penn & Teller's Bullshit Links

Featured yesterday on Digg: it seems that there are a lot of Penn & Teller episodes of 'Bullshit' on Google Video.

I had never seen this show before and find it quite funny. Some of the episodes are really hilarious (bottled water, creationism,...). Don't think that the show itself is a great scientific program tho[1], some of the tactics they use to prove their point are based on some psychological characteristics of humans. (E.g.: certain arrangements of groups will perform better than others. E.g.: presenting items in a specific order so that people will most of the times choose the second one due to conditioning from media: first show old boring bad product A, then introducing a better newer product B.) But still: many of the topics they show are indeed: 'bullshiat'...

[1]: Except creationism: that really is complete bullshit.

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