Monday, May 30, 2005

May Is The Sunny Promise That Summer Is Bound To Keep... least it says so on my Coca-Cola calendar, here, it's raining again.

Which means that we have a good reason to stay inside and play Psychonauts, for example. At first sight I thought 'Oh god, not another kiddie game!' (Altough Lego Star Wars wasn't that bad either.) But I must say I've been really enjoying this platform game (the last good platform game I played was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, not the second one). It contains a nice deal of humor, and the gameplay is done really good! Camera movement is perfect, control is as well. (I wish that Beyond Good and Evil was a better game now, so I would play it again.) Also, you can't really die. Like, Game Over, at least not that I know, which is also a plus for me (I hate reloading and redoing stuff).
The only thing I hate is the ongoing search for figments (which give you a better rank, and thus power) and arrowheads (think gold or credits), which can consume time. I want to get on with the story (best before those exams start) and see the ending, I will collect all these rare items when I'm done with the story (I did the same with Neverwinter Nights)...

Extra long post... I've downloaded Netscape today. As you could probably suspect, I grew up with Netscape. And seeing that N-logo with the passing... comets?, stars? again was so nostalgic. Opera is a good browser, but too crowded. Internet Explorer is nice too, but too old and too unsecure, if you're dumb, Firefox is nice but Netscape is even better since you can surf pages with either the Firefox (Gecko) or IE engine! Nice... (though I mostly use the Gecko engine).
About that 'dumb' part... I've been using IE for years, always updated, never clicked on stupid ads (those who try to look like a Windows window), and disabled ActiveX. Problems? Never. Spyware? Nothing too bad (only cookies and normal stuff). Viruses, nope. Toolbars? Forget it.
I mean what's wrong with people that they keep want to know what the weither is like on their traybar, or want to earn money while they sleep. Or want a bigger... paycheck. Wathever, I might do a nice prank-special-haha-funny-page with the most stupid ads and adware. Should be fun. So Netscape is good.

I'm downloading Fedora right now, I can't decide to use FC3 or SuSE Pro 9.latest...
I've also downloaded the latest Knoppix and Whoppix. Whoppix has such a nice video about WEP cracking (you know, the in 3 minutes or more thing). I love it, I'm going to make my whole city wireless, mainly for comforting my soon-coming-to-daddy PSP, but also to crack the WEP key I set... Should be rewarding. Should give experience to surf anywhere I want ;).

Bye for now...


Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Sun Shines

Finally, here in Belgium the sun is coming trough at last. It's been a full, long week.

I performed yesterday (and the day before) in a play in our local theatre, I was playing King Lear. Thanks to everyone who helped and watched the production, it's been really fun working with you guys! I'll miss it.

Enough whining, I'm still waiting for my hard disk to be delivered. And I'm working on an internet game. More about that later. Too bad the exams are right behind the corner.

Newsforge has a nice article about a Linux user making the step to Windows, it's a nice read.

Also, check out the Musicthing blog, it has really cool articles about how all those "corporate sounds" (Intel, THX,...) were created. Plus you can download them. Fact is that I'm really fond of these marketing sounds and/or videos, so I've enjoyed reading trough all this.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Week Starts

Hello everyone, I'm checking some E3 videos out from SW: Empire at War, the game looks pretty cool. I'm also waiting for Black and White 2, Age of Empires 3, and my PSP.

That's right, PSP has won the battle, it will be a PSP and not a x360. But the PS3 has my interest too!

However, buying all these stuff does cost money. So I'd appreciate it if you give to top Google banner a little single click - thanks!

Enough whining now. Systm is the new show from the creators of thebroken. thebroken was quite good, but still a bit beginner-like, made for kids (TM) or something like that, I'm going to check it out now and we'll see what is has to offer, expect comments...


Sunday, May 22, 2005


I just saw Star Wars III, and I must say that it's pretty good, but it's not anything really special. The dark tone of the movie is nicely worked out, but the acting and story could've been a little better.

I you would like to take a peek in the mind of a Sith Lord, you can still check out The Darth Side, an extremely well-written blog about the daily happenings in the live of Darth Vader. It's a must-read. A pity that the author has stopped the story already though. (I first thought this was some marketing campaign from Lucasarts, but that doesn't seem to be the case.)


Personal Google

I've been using the Personalize Google feature for a few days now, and I must say it's quite good, I like seeing my new mails right from my homepage.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Map The Internet

I've downloaded the DIMES Agent yesterday, and I must say I really don't know what it's purpose is. Slashdot says that it's able to generate nice looking graphs (see here and especially here), and also on my computer it was able to generate fairly good looking lines, dots, and numbers.

If you're into resource wasters, other cpu cycle killers you can try are: SETI @ Home (find E.T.), World Community Grid (battle cancer), and many others.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

That Lonely Feeling

When browsing the internet or while working I always have something playing trough my headphones. Fact is that sometimes music just can't satisfy me, I want to hear people...

So I've been listening to all the Gamespot live videos whole day long (even while gaming), why those movies? I like the subject, and it's nice to have people around you who keep talking about stupid anime Japanese console games on and on.

Speaking of gaming, I can't decide between PSP or X360. They both seem nice. X360 has bigger screen/better looking games. But the PSP is portable/has more functionality...
We'll see.


Saturday, May 14, 2005


I'm watching the Star Wars full trailer on loop right now,... I think I'm going to watch it until the movie comes out (after that I just loopwatch the movie, of course). While waiting, you can always built your own lightsaber or learn how it works...


Oh No...

Dungeon Lords was bad, very bad... Not only did that stupid installation sound went on and on only to stop after it swallowed cd3, and copied thousands of .wav files to my hard drive, the rest was even worse.

The IGN reader reviews are giving a perfect description of the game.

  1. Automap is missing.
    I thought is was me who did something wrong after trying that **** 'M'-key, just as it said in the options.
  2. Balance is terrible, you will be walking along and suddenly 10 mobs spawn right on you.
    Correct, but you get a warning: a nice stutter before the enemies get loaded.
  3. Combat was innovative if it workes as designed, but it doesnt. Many times you will not hit what you are trying to hit. No cursor for the range weapon make it very hard to aim.
  4. Quest log is poorly designed and some quests don't show up on it at all.
    It looks like a Windows BC Notepad (Before Christ).
  5. You cannot customize the look of your char.
    But you do get a whole lot of races you're never going to play anyway.
  6. You can only carry QTY 1 of one item, the game discards the rest so you cannot save it to sell.
  7. When you load a saved game from the menu, the screen flickers for 10 seconds, before you can play, your eyes will be dead already...
  8. It uses .wav and .bmp, 'cmon!

Hehe, how nice it is to completely destroy a game... I think I'm gonna install Neverwinter Nights again and play those official modules (Kingmaker, Witch Wake and Shadow Guard), or just wait for Dragonshard (not really an RPG but looks also good) or NWN2 (what's the name again?)...

Going to do some serious work now,... Timewasting games. Maybe that we be a nice development company name: 'Timewasters'. But Google tells me there are more than 185.000 entries found for that word, and one wants to be unique...


More Gaming...

Installing Dungeon Lords right now, stupid installation music loop...

Since my harddrive is almost full, I'd like to set up a RAID without formatting the whole lot. Because I currently can't stand seeing C: and X: (eXtended storage). And making a new 'Program Files' is not really an option...

Ye hack 'n slasher greets ya.


Friday, May 13, 2005

Pariah (2)

I just died... stumbled of a platform and into the lava we go... But the game is quite nice, graphics are cool, gameplay is quick. Gore and blood level is nice too, I'll fiddle around with the map editor if I've some spare time.

Reminds me that I'm still waiting for The Bards Tale to come out on pc, I still have to install Dungeon Lords too...



I've been really busy lately, so I'm really happy it's weekend (still a lot of work to do but oh well). I'm installing Pariah right now (cd1, cd2, cd3, cd1 again, cd3, done) and starting up...

Let's see if this plays away.

P.S.: going to update my system to AMD 64 bit (or Xeon) (two CPU's actually!), and a X850PT graphics card soon, should run like a dream then.



It seems that after all these months, Blogger has grown up a lot... I like it very much, and I liked it even more after I found out that my username was still stored in the system.

So maybe I'll get used to bloggin' after all, and I will do some 'blogsperiments' now. Instead of updating the main site (, if it still lives), I will post some stuff here, if everything will go well, we could continue this...