Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Dream App: More Contestants

It looks like My Dream App has announced all the contestants now. Let's see...

Bob: Pile o' Cards: use piles of cards with anything on them: text, media, widgets, pictures and more. Looks like this could become a handy little app.

Cameron: Atmosphere: 'a virtual outdoors for your desktop' - an enhanced weather application. This can prove handy for a lot of people but personally I wouldn't use it (since I can just look out of my window).

Dan: Blossom: 'a virtual plant that responds to productivity' - wow, this is a cool idea. Withering plants will correspond to lazy, game-playing computer sessions, thriving plants to a good productive day in Excel. Everyone will have different looking plants, awesome.

Dilon: Bookroom: reading e-books in a beautiful interface, looks good, maybe this will give some people an opportunity to read more again.

James: Destinations: the ideal app for the travellers. 'Plan vacations and trips with ease' sounds really useful to me.

Jeff: iGTD, Getting Things Done on the Mac with integration with iCal, IPod and more. Looks like this will also prove to be handy.

Josh: iGotPets: 'keep track of your pet's well-being'. A shame I don't have pets. So personally I wouldn't consider using this, but I can imagine that the 'pet-freaks' out there would love something like this.

Kevin: Hijack: Cocoa interface to browse and participate in discussion forums. Not sure what to make out of this. I'm curious how this will turn out.

Marshall: SweepIt: cleanup messy desktops with simple rules. I would love something like this (on all my machines, on all platforms). Since I spend a lot of time keeping my desktop and folders in clean, pure condition.

Mickey: Supplemental: 'Photo Booth for videos, with easy to use video logging'. If you're into videos (a lot of Mac-people are), then this could provide you with some extra help.

Mike: iSightSee: control your Mac using the iSight with hand gestures and movements. If this works (meaning: it actually does a good job at recognizing the different gestures) then this could also become a handy tool.

Raven: Telepath: push mail, news and more from your Mac via SMS. I wouldn't use this (it probably would be difficult to setup in some countries and/or it would cost a lot and my phone inbox is currently more than full), but some people might love it.

Richard: Whistler: 'ever had the urge to create a song'? With Whistler: you just tap, hum or whistle something into the app. Wow: if this works fine this would be amazing!

Rusell: Ground Control: 'Dashboard done right'. What can I say about this one? Let's see how it develops...

I think I have them all now. Again: all ideas are great and it looks like the competition will be hard! Check out MyDreamApp for more info. Nominating the contestants will be fun but difficult.

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