Monday, June 06, 2005

Counting Down

Muzeron states:
The Pirate Bay states: [...]

They're back, of course they are back. They had said before that their shutdown were only rumors. It was a nice joke to give them some spare time for preparing the launch of version 2 of their tracker and website (which is really unbelievable now). In about 10 languages (Dutch too), and more torrents than ever before. Means that we can download all the Linux distros again ;).

I'm going to test out the Hypercube tracker out soon too. There are a lot of other projects waiting too! A new site, finalizing my webradio thoughts, an online game, an online OS (name SnOS, more information about that later), and playing a lot of games.

The problem at the moment? Exams, I've already talked about them and in a few days they finally start. When I'm done with that it's off to university!

So I'll see you in a few weeks (no computer use during exams, it's for my own good)! I'll miss the internet and stuff, but coming back always gives a new, fresh feeling to the whole scene so...



Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm No Good At Inventing Titles

The Pirate Bay states:
Today the swedish anti-piracy organisations raided The Pirate Bay and
confiscated the computers running the tracker. This probably means the end
of The Pirate Bay and we, the crew, apologize for all loss of income caused
by our activity over the years.

Poor Piratebay, I thought they were immune to legal threats and stuff like that since they were hosted in Sweden. Seems even Sweden isn't as neutral as it seems.

Where will I find my Linux iso's now? It seems that the other trackers/sites/news sites haven't really noticed it yet.

Oh well, not much else to mention at the moment, here's a quick game.