Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome Thinkpad X60

Good news everyone: yesterday my Thinkpad X60 arrived. I toyed a little bit but had already decided I wanted to put Ubuntu on it.

I encountered some (small) problems on my way to my perfect Ubuntu setup, but I've been able to solve them. In the following posts I will tell you a little bit about my Thinkpad setup.

First things first: the security of this machine is very tight. I've set up a bios supervisor password coupled to the fingerprint reader. So nobody can boot the machine except me: I love it.

Be warned though: when you forget your supervisor password you are, in fact, doomed. Lenovo will have to replace your main board (quoting the documentation) and whatnot and it will cost you...

I'm also loving the IBM-logo. Now that the Thinkpad production is outsourced to Lenovo it won't be very long until the Lenovo logo starts showing up on the laptops themselves (which is already the case with the power adapters). I love IBM and their products so it's nice to have a "last-generation" machine.

Read on for more Thinkpad stories.

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