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A few days ago on Digg (and still a bit slow):, a website where you click on pictures you like better (as the name suggests), and after a while, it will try to figure out your personality (click the brain icon).

Here's mine:
  • You're a guy. Correct.
  • You like to plan things in advance. I like to think so, but probably not in all cases. But I consider this one correct too.
  • You are fine with fuzzy or incomplete facts. Certainly not.
  • You're the kind of person who thinks first and acts later. Again: most of the time: indeed.
  • You often employ emotion in your decision-making. What is "often"? I would say yes, but again: not always.
  • You're a night person. Certainly correct...
  • You study/work better with music playing in the background. Since I have or some of my own MP3s running in the background all the time: correctomundo.
  • You're not very religious. Correct. I have a certain interest in religion and spirituality but I do not believe it (in do believe in believing tho).
  • Your desk is a complete mess right now. I try to avoid it, but at the moment: indeed.
  • I bet you find it easy to empathize with other people. Sometimes.
  • When it comes to politics, you're liberal. Since I do not live in America and we have a more diverse system than liberal vs. conservative here, I can not really answer this question. However, I consider myself more conservative so: incorrect.
  • You're a teenager. Slightly incorrect (20).
  • You communicate best one-on-one. Most of the time: correct, but I like speaking to groups too.
  • You feel energized by meeting lots of new people. Correct.
  • You are right-handed. Correct.
If you vote more you will get more results, you can also send the test to your friends and compare the results.

A user on Digg commented on the site and gave the following link: Another site which tries to guess your personality. Without asking 200 questions like others do. You just pick colors. I was amazed at the results:
Your Existing Situation
Acts calmly, with the minimum of upset, in order to handle existing relationships. Likes to feel relaxed and at ease with his associates and those close to him.
Wow! Already correct.
Your Stress Sources
Suppresses his innate enthusiasm and imaginative nature, for fear that he might be carried away by it only to find himself pursuing some will-o'-the-wisp. Feels he has been misled and abused and has withdrawn to hold himself cautiously aloof from others. Keeps a careful and critical watch to see whether motives towards him are sincere--a watchfulness which easily develops into suspicion and distrust.
I don't like to admit it... but this thing is close again.
Your Restrained Characteristics
Feels that he cannot do much about his existing problems and difficulties and that he must make the best of things as they are. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.
That's me.
Trying to calm down and unwind after a period of over-agitation which has left him listless and devoid of energy. In need of peace and quiet; becomes irritable if this is denied him.
Your Desired Objective
Feels the situation is hopeless. Strongly resists things which he finds disagreeable. Tries to shield himself from anything which might irritate him or make him feel more depressed.
Not completely correct (I think). I don't feel any situation is hopeless (or do I?). I do resist disagreeable things.
Your Actual Problem
Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals have led to anxiety, emptiness, and an unadmitted self-contempt. His refusal to admit this leads to his adopting a headstrong and defiant attitude.
This might be true. I do have a headstrong attitude. But I don't (didn't) know that was the cause...
Your Actual Problem #2
His natural ability to examine everything with critical discrimination has been distorted into an attitude of harsh disapproval, which opposes and denigrates without regard to the real facts.
Ah this is certainly true again. I do love to examine everything. I my disapproval can be very harsh indeed. On the other hand: I think my approval can be very rewarding and caring...

Aah, these tests are a nice way to kill some time. It was certainly more correct and more fun than that Scientology test I took online: 300 boring questions with a crazy result: I'm an unstable depressed nervous aggressive irresponsible critical accord-lacking and withdrawn non-believer... Attention urgent, unacceptable state. Hehe...

More posts coming...

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