Friday, May 26, 2006

Game: Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends

I finally got the chance to play a bit Rise Of Legends (ROL) this week. This game had a lot of expectations to it... but was it worth the wait? (This sounds real reviewy doesn't it?)

The answer is yes and no: first, the story... it's not a story that will draw you in from the very beginning. The music is supports the gameplay but does not feel epic or anything.

The graphics and atmosphere however: are great. The combination between fantasy and science fiction works nice in my opinion. The three races are all unique enough to offer an interesting perspective on the game.

If you have played the first RoN games, you will not really be surprised: gameplay and strategy have been polished up here and there, but can still provide amusing and fun game sessions.

To sum the lot up:

  • Great art design and graphics!
  • Balanced and cool gameplay.
  • Cool units and tech trees.
  • Tactical map in the campaign is nice but not overdone.
  • Multiplayer is nice.


  • Please give us a better soundtrack.
  • You will need a fairly bad-ass machine to run it.
  • It's not very different from the original or ground-breaking in general.
If you were not a fan of the original games or RTS games in general, you should not pick up this one. If you loved the first games or you like nice art consider it a good choice.

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