Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game: Heroes Of Might And Magic 5

I must admit that I never played any other game from the HHOMM series before. (Except maybe number two or three at a friends house for a few hours). But I have played another game from the same developer: Etherlords 2, which I liked quite a lot. (Well: I liked to duels.)

HHOMM 5 (notice the Copyright 2005 in the footer) looked like much more of the same, but in fact it is a nice game. Especially recommended if you're a fan of turn-based strategy, tactics and previous HHOMM games.

So again: a quick rundown:


  • Nice graphics (you need a fairly strong rig to run it).
  • Nice gameplay.
  • variety in the units.
  • Strategic battles.
  • Can be very difficult.
  • Not your average RTS game.
  • Not your average RTS game.
  • Can be very difficult.
  • May get boring after a while.
  • You might not like the genre.

P.S.: Remember GTA SA MP? It is not very good. Lags like a bitch. Check out the video's at MTA. Will be much better in my humble opinion.

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