Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Sun Shines

Finally, here in Belgium the sun is coming trough at last. It's been a full, long week.

I performed yesterday (and the day before) in a play in our local theatre, I was playing King Lear. Thanks to everyone who helped and watched the production, it's been really fun working with you guys! I'll miss it.

Enough whining, I'm still waiting for my hard disk to be delivered. And I'm working on an internet game. More about that later. Too bad the exams are right behind the corner.

Newsforge has a nice article about a Linux user making the step to Windows, it's a nice read.

Also, check out the Musicthing blog, it has really cool articles about how all those "corporate sounds" (Intel, THX,...) were created. Plus you can download them. Fact is that I'm really fond of these marketing sounds and/or videos, so I've enjoyed reading trough all this.


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