Saturday, May 14, 2005

Oh No...

Dungeon Lords was bad, very bad... Not only did that stupid installation sound went on and on only to stop after it swallowed cd3, and copied thousands of .wav files to my hard drive, the rest was even worse.

The IGN reader reviews are giving a perfect description of the game.

  1. Automap is missing.
    I thought is was me who did something wrong after trying that **** 'M'-key, just as it said in the options.
  2. Balance is terrible, you will be walking along and suddenly 10 mobs spawn right on you.
    Correct, but you get a warning: a nice stutter before the enemies get loaded.
  3. Combat was innovative if it workes as designed, but it doesnt. Many times you will not hit what you are trying to hit. No cursor for the range weapon make it very hard to aim.
  4. Quest log is poorly designed and some quests don't show up on it at all.
    It looks like a Windows BC Notepad (Before Christ).
  5. You cannot customize the look of your char.
    But you do get a whole lot of races you're never going to play anyway.
  6. You can only carry QTY 1 of one item, the game discards the rest so you cannot save it to sell.
  7. When you load a saved game from the menu, the screen flickers for 10 seconds, before you can play, your eyes will be dead already...
  8. It uses .wav and .bmp, 'cmon!

Hehe, how nice it is to completely destroy a game... I think I'm gonna install Neverwinter Nights again and play those official modules (Kingmaker, Witch Wake and Shadow Guard), or just wait for Dragonshard (not really an RPG but looks also good) or NWN2 (what's the name again?)...

Going to do some serious work now,... Timewasting games. Maybe that we be a nice development company name: 'Timewasters'. But Google tells me there are more than 185.000 entries found for that word, and one wants to be unique...


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