Friday, April 23, 2010

Installing Heroes Of Might And Magic III (3) On Linux (Ubuntu) remind myself because I always seem to forget how to.

1. Put the contents of the CD somewhere (e.g. /tmp/heroes).

2. Install:

/tmp/heroes$ ./

3. Download and run patch with --keep:

/tmp/heroes$ wget
/tmp/heroes$ _POSIX2_VERSION=199209 ./ --keep

4. Download the patch for the patch:


/tmp/heroes$ tar xvfz loki_patch-fix-0.1.tar.gz
/tmp/heroes$ cp Loki_patch-fix/fixedpatch heroes3-1.3.1a-unified-x86/bin/Linux/x86/loki_patch

5. Now update:

/tmp/heroes$ ./heroes3-1.3.1a-unified-x86/

6. Get the compatibility libs:


Extract them to a directory you can remember (e.g. HEROES3_INSTALL_PATH/lib).

7. Start the game with (assuming you used HEROES3_INSTALL_PATH/lib):


Now to get the sound working...