Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Game: Medal Of Honor: Airborne

I've been playing some games last weekend, Medal Of Honor: Airborne being one of them.

Basically it's just another WW2 FPS with nothing special. The drops at the beginning of each mission are pretty nice, and the levels aren't badly designed either.

The graphics look nice but were somewhat sluggish, how come this game needs so much resources when Half Life runs so nice in all its glory without a peep?

So quickly: pros:
  • The WW2 hype is almost over, so this game is nice if you just can't get enough WW-action.
  • Graphics look fine.
  • Level design.
  • Airborne-theme.
  • Non-linear misions.

  • High system requirements.
  • Your weapons are difficult to handle, while the AI has no problems hitting you.
  • Gets boring quickly.
  • Not a real story.