Thursday, June 28, 2007

Game: Call Of Juarez

I started playing Call of Juarez today and... wait, I just finished it too.

All in all a nice game, I only had a small problem playing it on my computer, the game started with an Exception error. Installing the latest patch didn't help either.

I was ready to blame the copy protection (since those have been bugging a lot of games lately in my experience). But the no-dvd crack didn't help either. (It seems that official technical support people are giving those cracks to people who had problems. Makes you wonder...) There were a few other people with my problem too on the forums.

So then I tried the only other thing I could think of. I set the compatibility mode of the game to 'Windows XP'. If you have the same problem and are running Windows XP 64 bit, then give it a try, because after that the game started and worked perfect.

The game itself is actually pretty nice. Two playable characters, a mediocre story, a large environment, nice graphics, very fitting music and voice acting. Only the long stealth missions and platforming with Billy (one of the characters) got on my nerves. But the fact that you can play as an ass-kicking reverend afterwards is worth it.

So: pros:
  • Enjoyable action! There is slowmo.
  • Great music, good voice acting.
  • Two characters. Two gaming styles.
  • Great graphics (especially the maps, nature and towns).
  • Multiplayer is quite fun.
  • Original genre (well, we had Gun before tho).
and cons:
  • Doesn't really stand out.
  • Long stealth and platforming missions.
  • You'll need a potent machine to run it.
  • Few glitches (Windows 64 bit problem, see before).
  • Few map glitches (I managed to accidentally get to parts where I wasn't supposed to be - yet - and couldn't go back).