Saturday, April 07, 2007

Games: Supreme Commander And Command And Conquer 3

I've just finished all the campaigns of Command And Conquer 3. I must say I am pretty impressed.

I also played a bit of Supreme Commander but I didn't really like that game and I've already uninstalled it.

Supreme Commander is good because:
  • Huge maps.
  • Cool units.
  • Strategic zoom is really helpful.
  • Multiplayer.

But bad because:

  • Boring maps.
  • Though you can build hundreds of units, they are all so tiny...
  • Repetitive missions... always the same.

Command And Conquer has:

  • Kane!
  • Kaaaaaane! (Yes, he counts for two points!)
  • Full-motion video is back and you can't help but love the cheesy acting.
  • Nice detailed maps.
  • A superb engine. The maps load incredibly fast, and there is no huge framerate drop - ever! Even with a lot of units on screen... how do they do it? (Supreme Commander takes ages to load.)
  • Cool units.
  • Fun multiplayer.
  • Did I mention Kane?
  • Spectacular effects.

It does need better patching though (especially for people without high-end systems). On my system however the game ran like a dream in 1600x1200 with all options on highest (except AA, which is level 1).

However, if you adored Total Annihilation, you will like Supreme Commander. If you loved C&C, you'll love Tiberium Wars. I liked both, but I do prefer to play a game of CC3.