Saturday, October 07, 2006

Game: Scarface

I've finally figured out what was causing the error-on-startup in Scarface, Just Cause, and probably F.E.A.R.: Combat. The cause: Securom 7.

(If you experience a crash after the game actually started, e.g.: after the intro, then it's probably your sound drivers, update OpenAL and others...)

You see, I don't know why Securom 7 doesn't like my computer, but it probably has something to do with Daemon Tools. I don't know for you, but I for one does not like to swap CDs every hour of the day, so I make images and it's damn handy.

Yesterday I downloaded a no-cd crack for the game, it was my last hope to get it running. And what'd ya know: it starts... Sigh, this brings back memories of Starforce (anyone else remember that piece of...?), if this trend continues, I will be better of pirating all my games because then it'll at least work!

Anyway, the game itself isn't that special, the storyline and atmosphere are very GTA: Vice City-like, but that's a good thing. The controls on the other hand are just terrible, the game suffers from the much-too-common consolitas disease, what a pity.

If you have a console: just buy it for your PS2 or Xbox, you'll be much better of. If the controls could be patched (make them customizable and more responsive), then I would be happy to give this game another chance (the dialogue with all the swearing is funny as hell).

And then the cars: why do they drive like bricks? This driving reminds me of that other game... (Damn, I can't remember the name.)

So dear developers: fix controls and driving. Thanks.

Maybe I'll search for a crack for Just Cause too, which is lying here somewhere still uninstalled...

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