Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Tests

On those boring evenings I like doing Internet tests just for fun (see previous postings).

A few days ago I did some Mindviz tests:

This one is quite true:

I'm 45.0% nerdy!
My computer appears to be my best friend!

Take the Nerd Test at MindViz

And I'm kinda proud of this one ;):

I have an IQ of 156!
I am in the 99th percentile!
This means that I did better than 99 percent of the people who have taken this test!

The average score for this test is 100.
The maximum score is 167.
The minimum score is 66.

Take the IQ Test at MindViz

Also proud about this one:

I'm 47.7% lazy!
I may want to consider removing that youatloaf from my shirt

Take the Lazy Test at MindViz

Not so proud...

I'm 48.0% pure!
I'm on my way to a healthy existence, keep up the good work!

Take the Purity Test at MindViz

No news here:

I'm 50.0% freaky!
Wow calm down, I'm starting to freak you out!

Take the Freak Test at MindViz

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