Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Close Call

Latest Ubuntu xorg-core update breaks X. Oh boy...

If you are already in trouble are want some general info: head over to this thread. The package itself has been fixed (already). Be sure to download the point 4 and not the point 3 release.

So what's this all about? There was a main Dapper update which crashed X for a lot of people. These people (some of them) then became mad and started bitching about Ubuntu, X, or Linux in general.

Me too would like to comment on some of these aspects:
  • Yes, something was wrong. Luckily I didn't install the broken update (didn't get an update notification in time, phew).
  • Some people use the "you didn't pay for Ubuntu so you have no reason to blame them if something goes wrong" argument. I don't agree with this. It is the goal of Ubuntu and Linux in general to provide a stable and better alternative. Maybe you don't pay for Ubuntu, but in order to introduce Linux into the desktop and enterprice environment for heavy daily use, it should first strive for maximum control, security and stability. This situation would have been unacceptable for corporations who do pay for these products, thus: it is better to avoid it.
  • This is no reason however to start complaining. It's situations like this that really show of the power of the developers and the community. There was a fix up in the forums almost immediatly. And the package has been fixed already.
  • Of course it's difficult to search forums when you have to do it from the command line. So it never hurts to have Lynx or equivalent installed. And look at it this way: what if there was no cli? At least in Linux you always have a working bare environment in which you can fix things.
Just my two cents. Let's hope this does not have to happen again.

I was just working on my post regarding my AIGLX/Compiz experience, I will publish it soon.

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