Monday, April 03, 2006

Dualscreen Glory

Becoming annoyed by the lack of real screen estate, I decided to add a second screen to my rig (still CRT though). This brings my total resolution up to 3200x1200, which is nice.

Configuring the thing however was a real pain. nView (that stupid bloatware you get with the nVidia drivers) decided to make Windows believe that I only have one monitor, which happens to have a fat-ass resolution of 3200x1200. So e.g. all my games decided it was time to kick those normal resolutions out of the door. Oblivion for example, did this by crashing when I wanted to play on 1280x1024 (my normal resolution).

A few click later, I was looking at this (bad quality, sorry). Nice view but both my eyes and especially my XFX 7800GTX card couldn't handle the load. I wanted to play on one screen while keeping an eye on my RSS feeds and mail on the other.

Solution: completely disabling nView. (Services, msconfig,...) And eureka: Windows recognizes my screens as two separate ones.

Why this long rant? I'm making a point here: driver vendors: stop including bloatware! Please.

Another example: people who have tried to install drivers on the otherwise very nice IBM^H^H^H Lenovo Thinkpad laptops will know what I mean: all those toys and tools completely cripple your machine. A taskbar with 20 unnecessary icons is just plain annoying...

But since everything is working now, I'm quite happy. I only wish I didn't have to spend the 15 minutes on it.

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