Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Game: Crashday

I've been playing a little bit of Crashday lately. Crashday is a racing game that will make you remember Destruction Derby. (Anyone still remember that game? I've played it for weeks when I was younger.) If you don't know that game: it will make you remember the much more recent game Flatout. If you don't know that game... well, then you're just not into racing games I suppose.

Crashday starts like any other racing game out there: create a profile, choose a car, start earning money and upgrade your car, then start over again. However, there are some very cool and aggresive updates (missile launcher) and play modes (pass the bomb, deathmatch) which will start pumping adrenaline once you see them in action. Crashday is not a racing simulation game, it is a racing action game, so if you expect ultra-realism, go choose another title.

The graphics however, are quite realistic, trees and cars are nicely modeled, the explosions are a joy to look at, and the tracks are well designed (the stunt tracks are supercool, but not many in number).

The gameplay itself however can become boring in career mode, I would advise everyone to download the completed save game from Gamecopyworld (search for Crashday: it's the Unbiasedgoats unlocker; and yes - it is safe) and just start playing quickies (stunt and deathmatch for the win).

And it really gets cool if you have friends! Actually, the only single reason why you should pick up this game is: multiplayer action. You get a huge kick out of blowing up your opponents while landing from a 300 m. jump (extra points for smashed headlights).

I could rant on and on but instead I'm just going to give a quick summary:

Pro (or: why buy):
- Cool gaming modes.
- Weapons!
- Nice looking graphics.
- Fun tracks.
- Multiplayer action.

Contra (or: why walk past it):
- You need a powerful rig to run it at full detail.
- Not a whole lot of tracks.
- You could consider getting Trackmania (also excellent, but no weapons) or Flatout (also stunning, but no deathmatch) instead.
- You have no friends.
- Career mode is boring.

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