Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why Do I Have To Press Start To Shut Down My Computer?

Mess has a nice post somewhere about those 'What I'm Listening To'-messages you see in MSN Messenger, it seems that there are two other icons (apart from the headphones) too.

You can download a program which enables you to change your personal message and use these new icons (a game and office image). Since I'm too lazy too dig up the link from mess.be (which is anti-deeplink anyway), you can just download it (right click shave ass) from my EGEOFWS*.

What have those MSN Sandbox people done to start.com now? All you see is a random image, being
, or
, or
, and finally, in my opinion the best one:

Oh well, you can still see them imitatining Google Personal here and here and here.

*: Ever Growing Empire Of Free Web Space :p.


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