Friday, July 01, 2005

Back And Right Into Summer

Finally, exams have ended. I had a lot of things to do before finally starting normal life again: cleaning stuff in the house as well on the computer, install latest drivers, check all the webcomics I'd missed (, etc...

The I could start playing GTA: San Andreas. I've finished all the missions now, and I must say, the game is great! It gave me the same feeling as when I ended Vice City which was: 'I want more!'

First of all: the map is huge, there are a lot of areas to travel to and explore in. The graphics have improved too. However, the engine - which was also used in GTA 3 (Liberty City) and GTA: Vice City - has had its best days. I can't wait for the next GTA which will take place in London, 60ties, if we may believe the rumors.

There is also a GTA coming out for the PSP, which I will buy together with Lumines, Wipeout, and a PSP, of course, which will come out in Europe in September... (Firmware 1.50 is hacked by the way, search for Swaploit, or even better, KXploit.)

I have a lot of other things to do (installing Battlefield 2 for example), I will post more and detailed when I have more time.

So fuck this shit and love to y'all homies, cause this dog is gonna check out town...


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