Friday, October 06, 2006

Defcon Is Out

A few weeks ago I posted a little something about Introversion's upcoming game: Defcon. The Windows version has been released and I've been playing the demo for a bit. The game itself is nothing breathtakingly special but it is a really nice game to play between the hours (in fact, I've been saying "just one more round" in the middle of the night). It's a game you play in a window at the office when no-one's watching (in fact: the game does have an "office"-mode where you can quickly use a boss-key).

I suggest you go download the demo and buy it when you like it: these guys really deserve it.

A Mac and Linux version will be out later, but in fact I could run this game very smoothly in Wine in Linux (only one crash but I'm not sure that was Wine/Defcon-related). Since the game is programmed using OpenGL, what would you expect? (Maybe I'll post a screenshot of Wine running Defcon later.) So porting it to Linux should go without problems.

Conclusion: nice game for when you don't want to spend a whole evening playing a game ("just a quickie") or when you liked the movie "Wargames" or when you love planning strategies, because the multiplayer aspect really makes this game fun!

Another hit in the shops? Probably not. A cult classic: probably yes.

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