Friday, September 15, 2006

Game: Lego Star Wars 2

I played a bit of Lego Star Wars 2 last night, I haven't gotten very far yet but it's quite an enjoyable game so far. People who've played the first one will feel right at home, since the two are almost identical in gameplay and graphics.

The game itself is - of course - very cheesy (it's Lego!). But everyone who touched the little stones in their childhood (who hasn't?) will love the little blocks and characters.

LSW2 is enjoyable in single player mode, but it becomes really fun when you press F2 (I have the PC version, of course) and a friend takes control of the other character: pure fun.

Platformers are rare these days, so LSW2 is one of the best platform-games today. together with Beyond Good And Evil, Psychonauts, and the first Lego Star Wars.

The graphics aren't next-gen, but the bright side is that you won't need a powerbox to run it.

If you've played the first one and loved it, you will love this one too. If you didn't like number one or don't like platformers in general, then you won't pick up this one.

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