Sunday, July 16, 2006

Headlines Of Today

Actually: make that yesterday (15th). It's late again.

I'm going to post a link dump below. If you follow the news a bit you will probably know all of these already. Still there might be some surprises.

I'm not trying to replace your favorite newssite nor your RSS reader by doing this, it's just something I would like to post a bit more from more on...

  • IBM To Support Xen Virtualization Software For Suse 10 Linux (from Digg): just nice and interesting.
  • Gnome 2.15.4 Release (various sources): I really like Gnome (next to xfce) so this is always good news. Can't wait for 2.16 though.
  • Framework Performance: Rails, Django and Symfony (various sources). I'm experimenting with various frameworks so this is an interesting read. Although not very detailed in describing the process or configuration used.
  • Google Spreadsheets getting charts (various sources): this would be ultracool/helpful. This stays an impressive application. People seem to forget that it is not easy to build such a webapp which works on various browsers and that it's free.
  • (From Digg and Slashdot.) NTFS-3G writes and reads to NTFS partitions in Linux! Awesome news! (although it seems the driver can only successfully create around 10 files in each directory. Still: the fact that is doesn't corrupt your drive and that this is still a beta is something a lot of people have been waiting for.)
  • How A Scanner Darkly (film) was done. Really interesting if you're into this or just like the movie. (You should definitely try watching some trailers and the movie itself once it's out. Also: watch the movie Waking Life.)

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