Friday, March 24, 2006

Game: Oblivion

I've been playing quite a lot of Oblivion the last few weeks. And I must say I'm quite pleased with it. There are some problems however, like crashes or graphical glitches, but overall the game is running smoothly.

I'm quickly finishing the main quest so I can explore all the other lands/cities/dungeons/... afterwards.

In short (very quick because I want to go back to the game):
  • Beautiful graphics! Really.
  • Huge map. Some people are whining about the fact Morrowind was bigger, but in Morrowind you had to look at the same textureset for ages.
  • Radiant AI: it's not fantastic like the marketers said, but it's good enough and offers some surprising situations from time to time.
  • Story. I love the fact that there is a main quest (which you can ignore). It allows me to get to know the game a bit before exploring totally on my own. (I was completely lost in Oblivion).
  • Having a horse is cool.
  • Still a lot of classes and stats.
  • Physics are great, but you can't perfectly drop your items where you want them anymore.
  • You need a fat-ass machine.
  • Occasional bug from time to time.
  • There could've been more enemies.
  • I don't like the Oblivion-plane.
  • I want dual-wielding classes...
  • Xbox 360 lamers. The community is quite friendly, but the Xbox owners are a pain in the ass (most of them). It has to do a lot with the fact that most of them are under 12, and that they have to constantly lie to themselves about the fact that "their system is better and has no crashes". Well let me tell you something: a PC can be better, and in a few years most of the PC's will. We have a construction set (beat that). (Less important) we have cheats. And the Xbox crashes too. So there.*

Now: it's back to the game.

*: If any Xbox owner feels offended here. I'm sorry. I'm only targeting the whiners among you.

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