Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tempus Fugit

And I just can't find the time to make a post...

I've been busy with various things, starting university for example, which has been quite fun so far.

I've also been playing various games (what did you expect), Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US), and Total Overdose.

I haven't found the time to play Dragonshard yet.

Fahrenheit is a wonderful cool game with the best action sequences I've seen in an adventure game! I don't play adventure games that much (especially not the recent ones, I've played Broken Sword 1 and 2 though), but Fahrenheit was really fun. A bit disappointed that it was so short and so rushed at the end, hopefully the possible sequel will improve on that part.

Total Overdose is a complete no-brainer action game, a mix of GTA and Max Payne. It takes the style of GTA and the slowmo and bullettime of Payne, multiply that with a lot of explosion and you've got Total Overdose.

It's fun for a while, now if only GTA had these kind of moves and explosions, it would be super!

Oh well, I forgot all the rest I wanted to tell, so that'll have to wait for later...

P.S.: having problems viewing the special characters, like the Mu (µ), refreshing this page should do the trick, it's a blogspot problem probably.


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