Monday, July 04, 2005

Busy Days

Here's a quick and filled linkdump for y'all.

A dog named fish has a nice blog entry which shows how they built the Lego Star Destroyer in 10 hours, you can also download a cool stop motion video which shows the whole process in around 4 minutes.

Wired News has a nice article about a clinic which treats web addicts. Slashdot also had a nice mention to this article: Windows software is boring and uninspired. Really?

Also, check out this cool experimental flash gallery.

I also had a nice article about AI. But I lost the URL (think it was also a Wired one). Basically it was about a VR agent interacting with students. The 3D agent was programmed to mimic the students' behavior 4 seconds after the student. For example: when someone moves his head up, the agent would do the same in 4 seconds.
Only 8 students recognized the mimicry. And students found the mimicking agent much more enjoyable than the one who just behaved 'normally'.
This type of mimicry was a known fact in the psychology of humans, but now the proof has been given that also computers can use this, thus creating better AI agents, better AI salesmen, perhaps?

And to close this post: Science and Art working together.


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