Monday, May 30, 2005

May Is The Sunny Promise That Summer Is Bound To Keep... least it says so on my Coca-Cola calendar, here, it's raining again.

Which means that we have a good reason to stay inside and play Psychonauts, for example. At first sight I thought 'Oh god, not another kiddie game!' (Altough Lego Star Wars wasn't that bad either.) But I must say I've been really enjoying this platform game (the last good platform game I played was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, not the second one). It contains a nice deal of humor, and the gameplay is done really good! Camera movement is perfect, control is as well. (I wish that Beyond Good and Evil was a better game now, so I would play it again.) Also, you can't really die. Like, Game Over, at least not that I know, which is also a plus for me (I hate reloading and redoing stuff).
The only thing I hate is the ongoing search for figments (which give you a better rank, and thus power) and arrowheads (think gold or credits), which can consume time. I want to get on with the story (best before those exams start) and see the ending, I will collect all these rare items when I'm done with the story (I did the same with Neverwinter Nights)...

Extra long post... I've downloaded Netscape today. As you could probably suspect, I grew up with Netscape. And seeing that N-logo with the passing... comets?, stars? again was so nostalgic. Opera is a good browser, but too crowded. Internet Explorer is nice too, but too old and too unsecure, if you're dumb, Firefox is nice but Netscape is even better since you can surf pages with either the Firefox (Gecko) or IE engine! Nice... (though I mostly use the Gecko engine).
About that 'dumb' part... I've been using IE for years, always updated, never clicked on stupid ads (those who try to look like a Windows window), and disabled ActiveX. Problems? Never. Spyware? Nothing too bad (only cookies and normal stuff). Viruses, nope. Toolbars? Forget it.
I mean what's wrong with people that they keep want to know what the weither is like on their traybar, or want to earn money while they sleep. Or want a bigger... paycheck. Wathever, I might do a nice prank-special-haha-funny-page with the most stupid ads and adware. Should be fun. So Netscape is good.

I'm downloading Fedora right now, I can't decide to use FC3 or SuSE Pro 9.latest...
I've also downloaded the latest Knoppix and Whoppix. Whoppix has such a nice video about WEP cracking (you know, the in 3 minutes or more thing). I love it, I'm going to make my whole city wireless, mainly for comforting my soon-coming-to-daddy PSP, but also to crack the WEP key I set... Should be rewarding. Should give experience to surf anywhere I want ;).

Bye for now...


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